Supreme Court strikes down anti-burqa bill as unconstitutional

For the second time in Ashukov history, the Supreme Court has struck down a proposed law as unconstitutional.

The bill in question, which would have been known as the Burqa Act 2014 had it passed, was presented to the assembly by Delegate Peter Leventis (Havil-NP) against the advice of Prime Minister and National Party leader Joseph Kennedy. Under the provisions of the bill, a fine of no more than Ѥ100.00 (approximately 50.00 USD) would be placed on any person found wearing a burqa in public.

The Supreme Court, in a 2-0 vote with one member absent, decided that the bill was in contradiction with the Constitutional rights to freedom of religion and expression. This is the second time such a ruling has been made by the Supreme Court; the first time was in November 2013, when the Supreme Court struck down a proposed ban on the Church of Scientology by then-Prime Minister Sebastian Schriber.


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