Minarchist Party established; Sebastian Schriber: “We hope to achieve complete freedom and liberty”


A few weeks ago, Defense Minister Sebastian Schriber announced his intentions on leaving the Labour Party to found his own political group. Today, on October 12, 2013 the People’s Minarchist Front was officially established. We sat down with Sebastian Schriber to ask a few questions…

Good evening, Mr. Schriber! How are you?


First of all, congratulations to you on becoming Defense Minister of your third cabinet in a row!

Thank you!

Some of our readers may not be too familiar with minarchism, could you briefly summarize it for us?

Minarchism is a political philosophy that is basically the opposite to Anarchism. Minarchism states that the only legitimate function of the government is to protect people from theft, violence, fraud etc. and that the only governmental institutions are the military, police, courts, health services, fire departments, military aswell as legislature and other government functions such as ministries. We argue that the state has no authority to interfere with the people and it’s only responsibility should be the before.

Could you explain to us the reason behind your new political party, the People’s Minarchist Front?

Well as it is known I am quite Liberal. I found Minarchism recently after exploring political ideologies. Minarchism seemed like a promising structure for a micronation and, in my opinion, ensured fully fleged freedom and liberty. I believe that the people should be smart enough to handle most things themselves.

Some may think that the PMF will end just like the Green Party, having very little influence on the government and being absorbed by another party. What can you say to them?

The PMF is definitely a new start. It’s completely different and has no relations to the Green Party apart from its green policies. Influence on the government does not mean success. Prevailing over future obstacles that is success.

What does the People’s Minarchist Front seek to achieve in the Federation?

We hope to achieve complete freedom and liberty. We hope to truly release the people from the state.

Minarchism is a quite of a new concept in micronationalism. How can you guarantee yourself support among the Ashukovs?

I cannot guarantee anything. Minarchism is, as you said, new in micronationalism so there is no way I know if people will warm to it. However, with some research on our upcoming microwiki page people will soon learn about the party and what our aims are and they can decide for themselves.

Do you plan on co-operating with the current Labour-Orthodox government or start an opposition movement on your own?

I believe that cooperation is the key to our sucess at the current state of the party. We have just started and we’re looking for a coaliton government to channle our influence into. Once we are established we plan to either colaborate with the other party and try enfore Minarchism or withdraw from the coalition and start our own campaign. However, things can always take a different turn.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Schriber. Best of luck to you and the People’s Minarchist Front!

Thank you.

You can join our discussion on Minarchism and Ashukov politics by posting your thoughts in the comment section below.


One thought on “Minarchist Party established; Sebastian Schriber: “We hope to achieve complete freedom and liberty””

  1. Minarchists don’t believe that the government should be in control of health services. That’s nationalisation. Minarchism is pro-privatisation. Minarchists only believe legal things such as police, courts and prisons and in some cases fire services should be under government control. That’s pretty much it.

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