Cvetosadovo joins the Federation, Akebar secedes

On August 28, after several weeks of discussion and voting, the Federal Assembly has finally passed a motion on the Republic of Cvetosadovo’s admission into the Federation.

Cvetosadovo, a successor state to and the Federal Republic of Güldağ, led by Premier Zoran Ilić (Deniz Akgül), a former Pavlovian statesman, has been on its way into Ashukovo since early August, having underwent several reforms that would help them blend into the Federation.

Only a few hours later, a motion on Akebar’s independence (former Dradelia, one of the founding states of Ashukovo) has been unanimously passed by the Federal Assembly. President Joseph Kennedy gave the following comment: “We’ll miss you, Akebar. You’ve been with us since the beginning. Best of luck, friends.”


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